WWW.AGRM.ORG JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 55 A fter almost two years of working for Mission Catering—a social enterprise of Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado—Jason Horn has become indispensable. His days are filled with booking events, talking to customers, making proposals, creating schedules, delivering catering, cooking, and anything else that comes up. Jason carries two phones that are always buzzing with notifica- tions. He has become the brains of the operation at Mission Catering; more than that, Jason has also become the heart. Jason is professional in appearance and speech. When he’s not working, gardening, or lifting weights, he can be found helping his wife with college homework. He is a natural leader and strong role model to the other guys going through the program. Seeing how far he has come is a testimony to the power of hope in a man’s life. Seven years ago, Jason’s story was on the front page of a local newspaper with the headline, “From Freedom to Failure.” The article was sad and showed a determined but seemingly hopeless man trying to make something of his life in the face of a looming past and unsympa- thetic world. “If I lose my focus, that’s when I lose everything else,” Jason said in the article. “There’s a better life out there for me. I’ve just got to find it.” He had just gotten out of jail, finding himself jobless and homeless. With a criminal record, it was impossible to find a job. Jason was where many people have found themselves— hopeless; taking the bus all over the city in the winter, looking for a job, only to find rejection. After the newspaper article was written, things only got worse. Tired of feeling like a failure, Jason got in his car, stopped by the liquor store, and then started speeding his way through winding moun- tain roads while drinking. Jason hit the gas and called out to God, “Take my life!” as he drove off a cliff. Although Jason survived, God did take his life. God gave him a new life. A better life. Today, Jason is anything but a failure. After graduating from the New Life Program, Jason interned and was hired at Mis- sion Catering, quickly becoming a leader and helping the business grow. He helps oversee opera- tions at Mission Catering where he trains, inspires, and looks after aspiring graduates follow- ing in his footsteps. “I do look up to Jason Horn. This man is the definition of strive in every single aspect,” says Thomas, a recently hired gradu- ate of the program. “Jason is my role model.” Jason hopes to con- tinue to grow Mission Catering and be able to hire more men looking for a better life. Ĩ FULL PLATE Tyler Peoples From Failure to Faithful God made someone who seemed a failure into a role model for aspiring chefs Tyler is catering manager for Springs Rescue Mission. During his 10 years in the food services industry, he has been recognized as the Best Chef in Colorado Springs by the Colorado Springs Restaurant Association, and was awarded Chef of the Year in 2014 by the American Culinary Federation. Contact him at tylerp@springsrescue mission.org.