been in and out of the shelter for a year or so and could cause more trou- ble than someone twice her size.” Bill recalls, “I met her late one night during a mental health crisis in the dorm, and the outcome was that the police came and took her— again—to the hospital for emergency admittance. It was heartbreaking to see this girl walking out to the police car and into an uncertain future. I think I was up the whole night pray- ing for her. “A couple of days later, our women’s ministries director called me to say that the hospital had called and wanted to know if we’d let Katey come back. I knew by her tone that she was hoping I’d say no because, as sad as Katey’s situation was, she really created trouble in the dorm. But, as I said that day, ‘Where else can she go?’ Our director replied, ‘I know. Okay, I’ll go pick her up.’” But this time he discovered that Katey was different—she was taking her medication and healthy living was bringing her back to life. “That next Sunday she boarded the church bus and went to church—for the first time. That afternoon, I heard the news: Katie had accepted Christ at church that day!” Bill says. “Katey enrolled in a recovery class, and I was so blessed when I’d arrive at the mission in the morning. She would be wearing her ear buds singing praise songs to Jesus. With a huge smile she’d greet me, hug me, and tell me how much she loved Jesus! The change was so quick, so sincere, and so beautiful.” To Bill’s surprise, he says, “One morning when she greeted me, she said, ‘Pastor Roscoe, I have a prayer request for you. I lost my little girl last year because I couldn’t take care of her. Now, I’m trying to get her back and I have court next week.’ Katey had just been approved for housing and was moving into her own place. ‘Will you please pray that I can get her back?’ I have to admit that my faith was weak, but I agreed to pray, and I did.” The next week, Bill was in the office when he heard a tiny voice say, “Good morning, Pastor Roscoe.” “Looking up, I saw Katey standing in my doorway with a mini-Katey holding her hand, both with huge smiles. ‘This is my daughter, Susy. Today she’s going home with me.’ Fifteen years later, they continue to live happy ever after.” Brian B rian had only a few months to live when he came to the Good Samaritan Mission in Jackson, Wyoming. Executive Direc- tor Chuck Fidroeff recounts, “Brian did not know Jesus when he came, but as he attended our Bible study, he learned and accepted Jesus as his Lord, Master, and Savior. A few weeks after his conversion, he developed problems with his lungs. He thought he was allergic to the chemicals at the car wash where he was working. He finally went to the doctor, and they found he had seven inoperable tumors in his upper body. They gave him a few weeks to live. “I visited him in the living center as he approached the time to meet Jesus. His newfound salvation gave him strength beyond measure. He encouraged me as he said, ‘We pray for healing, yet if He is to take me home, I am ready.’” Chuck says, “I read verses to him as we visited for those few weeks. During the last visit, he was unable to sit up yet was still holding an opti- mistic attitude. He went home that night, but I gained a new resolve to be as strong as Brian when I go to meet Jesus.” Ī 48 WWW.AGRM.ORG JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018