COVER FOCUS: Opioid Epidemic In the Shadows 6 A glimpse into the dark world of opioid addiction by Helen T. Goody + Promising Strategies + Simply Put + Addiction and Older Adults + The Brain Connection + By the Numbers + Tough Withdrawal Winning the Battle 18 How to help when someone addicted to opiates shows up at your mission by Kristi Rector + For More Info + Drugs to Treat Drug Abuse Walls of Protection 22 One man uses his experience with heroin addiction to usher others into hope by Kate Wadsworth + Meeting Needs Where They Are HOSPITALITY Come and Eat! 26 Meals are a starting point of kindness and hospitality by Barry Corey HOUSING Rural Homelessness 32 The hidden problem rescue missions are tackling head on by Ami Neiberger-Miller TRANSFORMING LIVES Miraculous Work 38 When God transforms the lives of the people missions serve, other challenges can also be solved by Bob Gehman FAVORITES Cast of Characters 44 Recalling the memorable people who come through your mission’s door by James Watkins 3 January/February 2018 Volume 32, Number 1 Association of Gospel Rescue Missions CONTENTS Contents continued on page 5 Ī