WWW.AGRM.ORG JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 53 WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD According to research from 2017, the estimated value of volunteer time is now $20.25 an hour. Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute FAITH TO GIVE People’s faith impacts their financial giving, and it’s not just to churches. Givingusa says that “People who are religiously affiliated are more likely to make a charitable donation of any kind, whether to a religious congregation or to another type of charitable organization. Sixty-two percent of religious households give to charity of any kind, compared with 46 percent of households with no religious affiliation.” They also report that religiously affiliated households also give an equal amount or more to other types of charities as non-religiously affiliated households. RECHARGE YOUR FUNDRAISING Fundraising is nothing new to missions, but maybe your development efforts need new life. With The Field Guide to Fundraising for Nonprofits: Fusing Creativity and New Best Practices (Praeger), nonprofits can increase their fundraising potential―and their overall impact―by learning how to ramp up nearly every aspect of their fundraising programs in new and creative ways. Author Sarah B. Lange provides con- crete ways to leverage boards, strategic planning, and communications to improve fundraising outcomes. She shares case studies, worksheets, samples, and tools to help nonprofits move from knowing to doing.