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Services Provided
 Day Room for Guests Emergency Shelter for Men
 Long-Term Drug/Alcohol Recovery for Men Remote (e.g., farm) Treatment Facilities
 Transitional Housing for Men Case Management
 Onsite Meals for Guests Emergency Shelter for Women
 Emergency Shelter for Men with Children Emergency Shelter for Women with Children
 Emergency Shelter for Intact Families Food Pantry for the Public
 Furniture Bank
 Emergency Shelter for Women Single women (no children)
 Emergency Shelter for Women with Children Emergency Shelter for Men with Children
 Married couple (no children) Emergency Shelter for Intact Families
 Abuse (e.g., physical, sexual) Recovery Long-Term Drug/Alcohol Recovery for Women
 Transitional Housing for Families Case management
 Transitional Housing for Women Transitional Housing for Men
 Senior Housing Special Needs Housing
 Senior Housing Seniors Programs
 Detox Facility Long-Term Drug/Alcohol Recovery for Men
 Long-Term Drug/Alcohol Recovery for Women Remote (e.g., farm) Treatment Facilities
 Abuse (e.g., physical, sexual) Recovery Sex Addiction Deliverance
 Anger Management Ministry
 Jail chaplain program Residential program for parolees
 Regular Bible studies/worship
 Onsite Meals for Guests Food Pantry for the Public
 Case Management
 Daily Childcare for Residents Street Kids/Gang-Member Programs
 Youth Activity Center School
 Bible Clubs Recreational Programs (without youth center)
 Day Camp Residential Camp
 Adoption Agency Orphanage
 Live-In Programs (not accompanied by parents) Detention/Correctional Facilities
 Medical Clinic Dental Clinic
 Vision Clinic Mental Health Clinic
 Medical Respite Care Facility/Treatment Mobile Health Services
 GED Classes Literacy Classes
 ESL Classes Tutoring
 Computer Training Life-Skills Training
 Domestic (e.g., cooking) Skills Training
 Career Counseling Specific Career Training
 Job Readiness Programs Job Placement
 Special Needs Housing Thrift Store(s)
 Immigrant Integration Legal Services
 Furniture Bank Detox Facility
 HIV/AIDS ministry SOGI Ministry/Assistance
 Sex Addiction Deliverance Anger Management Ministry
 Seniors Programs Jail and Prison Ministry
 Pregnancy Care Community/Neighborhood Outreach Program (beyond your facilities)
 Special Needs Programs