Planned Giving

AGRM partners with The Orchard Foundation to offer quality planned giving services at substantial discounts, exclusively for AGRM member missions. Here's an outline of the discounts available:

Level 1 Group Only – AGRM members get a 50% discount by becoming a group on The Orchard Foundation’s DonorFirst™ site.  

  • Normally $1,000 per group annual fee, AGRM members $500 annual fee
  • Unlimited members (groups) at this rate

 Level 2 Private Label – AGRM members get a 40% discount on forming their own group.

  • One-time setup fee of $5,000 reduced to $3,000
  • The additional group annual fee of $500 would be reduced to $300 for members.  The amount of groups would be unlimited.


2. Training/Consulting/Gift Acceptance/ Securities Processing  – Orchard’s standard fee is $150 per hour.

  • AGRM and members’ training fee would be waived for up to 16 hours of training per mission
  • Training can be either on-site of mission agency or via webinar
  • If mission prefers on-site training, mission would pay travel expense 

3. My Legacy Planner (Fulcrum) – Standard pricing is $250 setup fee (one time) and $150 a month.

  • The AGRM member discount is $150 setup fee (60% savings) and $125 per month ($25 per month savings)
  • Free webinars for association members to learn more about the online tool will be available.  

4. Storefront Marketing Resource Center – This resource center will provide marketing materials for member missions.  These are pre-established marketing pieces for a variety of marketing campaigns (CGAs, DAFs, CRTs, Endowments, tax planning etc.).

  • The normal fee for use of this resource center is $250 per year.  The Orchard Foundation will waive this fee for AGRM member missions.

To learn more about The Orchard Foundation, visit To learn more about the services and discounts offered exclusively to AGRM members, contact  Joseph Padilla, The Orchard Foundation's vice president of development and ministry services, at 719-268-7214 or