Mission Membership

Citygate Network has been around almost as long as North America's missions themselves. Originally called the Federation of Gospel Missions and then the International Union of Gospel Missions, the organization continues to provide a tight network of nurture for those who emotionally expend so much in ministry. Moreover, a broad educational component includes industry certification and best practices.

Citygate Network members also take pride in establishing and sustaining new, independent rescue missions in areas where there is great need throughout North America and beyond. Dozens of today's multifaceted gospel rescue missions were originally start-ups launched by the network through the gifts and guidance of members on every level.

Many long-time executives who benefited from veteran advice in their early years find that giving back to emerging leaders through the network is a way of saying thanks and continuing a long legacy of hope. This is seen in the fact that membership is made up of those leading complex, multimillion-dollar operations as well as those running single-focused, small budget agencies.

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