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As rescue mission professionals develop skills, they deserve recognition for their growth. AGRM micro-credentials (represented by digital badges) are performance-based assessments that allow rescue mission professionals to showcase their growing skills. Micro-credentials credit earners for skills that they already have, in addition to learning through the process of earning a badge.

Micro-credential earners can share a link to their earned micro-credential with administration, supervisors, mentors, peers, or friends. The badges can be embedded on websites or shared via social media and will link to a webpage outlining what the earner mastered in order to achieve a particular micro-credential. Click here to see a sample (from our fictitious earner "Badge Tester").

Each micro-credential requires completion of an educational session, delivered either live or online, followed by a multi-part submission of evidence. Most badges can be earned following an estimated 3–10 hours of work and learning. For each micro-credential, you’ll find submission criteria, recommended resources for preparing a submission, and a scoring rubric. Experts in each respective field review submissions.

The area of micro-credentialing is relatively new, but as AGRM’s program develops, AGRM will work with colleges to recognize and value micro-credential achievement. At its heart, micro-credentialing demonstrates a commitment to your field and a high level of peer-evaluated expertise.

Micro-credentials will be stackable, meaning, rescue mission professionals will be able to earn multiple badges in each area of expertise. In 2017, AGRM began development of the program with the Public Image Stack, which will eventually be comprised of three badges, the first of which is the Media Interview Readiness Micro-credential. In the future, the stack will also include badges in Crisis Communications and Branding.

Click the icon below to learn more about the Media Interview Readiness Micro-credential:

 AGRM uses the badging platform BadgeList to collect evidence, evaluate evidence, and showcase badges. Here's how the process works: 

  1. Register for AGRM's micro-credentialing program at www.agrm.org/mcregister.
  2. You'll receive confirmation of your registration, then later you'll receive an invitation to create a BadgeList account, along with a link to join AGRM's badge group.
  3. Fulfill the requirements for your badge using the BadgeList platform. For example, in order to earn the "Media Interview Readiness" micro-credential, you will be required to (1) Attend the seminar "Performing Well Under Media Pressure" and enter some main points you took away from the session; (2) Develop key messages for your mission; (3) Submit an artifact, such as a link to an interview you performed, a story where you were quoted, or a role-playing video featuring you as the interviewee; and (4) Enter a personal reflection about what you learned in the process of earning your badge.
  4. Request feedback on your submission with the click of a button.
  5. Experts in the field will evaluate each part of your requirements and either award the badge or ask you to tweak some part of your submission.
  6. Once your badge has been awarded, you can share your badge in a variety of ways.

For more information about micro-credentialing, contact us at memberservices@agrm.org