Client Counseling


At the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, we are elevating the importance of mental health issues. Many rescue mission guests suffer from some level of mental illness. In fact, our 2015 Snapshot Survey shows the occurrence among guests to be about 37 percent, which is an increase from 2014. Unfortunately, most rescue missions lack the personnel, resources, or expertise to recognize certain conditions, let alone diagnose and treat them. One goal of our Mental Health Initiative is to develop an awareness and referral plan for missions, which can go a long way toward strengthening mental health services.

Going hand-in-hand with this initiative is the fact that AGRM has partnered with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling—an organization whose purposes align perfectly with those of our member missions—in order to provide quality Christian counseling to the clients and guests of member missions. In most cases, Safe Harbor’s services are provided at little or no charge, thanks to the Medicare/Medicaid direct-bill program.

You can learn more about Safe Harbor at or by calling 1-800-305-2089.