For more than a century, one group has been tracking with the tragic conditions of desperate and disenfranchised people in North America. Members of Citygate Network have  been on the sidewalks and in the face of what to many has been a faceless problem. Citygate Network-member facilities have a reputation for being havens of hope for all who enter.

Founded in 1906, Citygate Network has some 300 members across North America. Each year, Citygate Network members serve approximately 70 million meals, provide more than 20 million nights of shelter and housing, assist some 45,000 people in finding employment, provide clothing to more than 750,000 people, and graduate nearly 20,000 homeless men and women from addiction recovery programs into productive living. The ramification of their work positively influences surrounding communities in countless ways.

While rescue is in the name of many of our members, the followers of Jesus running these missions and like-minded ministries see that aspect as just the beginning. In total, they are about:

Rescue: Pulling people to safety from adverse conditions and from choices and habits that lead to damaged health and death.

Redemption: Presenting people with a gospel that is about life transformation in Jesus and the reclamation of His creation.

Rehabilitation: Helping people break the bonds of addiction and desperate behavior and experience a life of healing and wholeness.

Re-assimilation: Preparing people to dwell in community and to have meaningful roles that lead to stability and missional living.


In all of this, Citygate Network is there to tell and re-tell the story to the church and the public at large, pointing out the need for laborers, resources, prayer, and a repentant attitude toward those who are  homeless and poor. The organization’s role is also to connect its members with current news, creative ideas, and cost-saving programs in order to expedite the continual movement of their ministries to higher levels of professionalism in order to achieve greater outcomes.

Our Purpose

Citygate Network exists to provide the envisioning, education, training, resources, guidance, representation, and nexus for missions and kindred ministries that are striving to move people in destitute conditions or desperate situations from human suffering to human flourishing through the process of gospel-powered life transformation.