Risks from Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Early Research Says its Three Times as Dangerous as Cigarette Smoke 

Researchers have published work demonstrating that secondhand smoke makes it harder for arteries to expand and allow a healthy flow of blood.

According to areport by NPR, with tobacco products, this effect on arteries lasts about 30 minutes, and then the arteries recover their normal function. But if it happens over and over—as when a person is smoking cigarette after cigarette, for example—the arterial walls can become permanently damaged, and that damage can cause blood clots, heart attack, or stroke.

Researchers demonstrated that, at least in rats, the same physiological effect occurs after inhaling secondhand smoke from marijuana. Further, the arteries take 90 minutes to recover compared to the 30 minutes with cigarette smoke.

The discovery about the effect on blood vessels describes just one harmful affect for nonsmokers who are exposed to marijuana. Sampling surveys of cannabis products sold in marijuana dispensaries have shown that cannabis products may also contain dangerous bacteria or mold, or residues from pesticides and solvents.

Article Source: NPR

Image Source: Pixabay