Only 1 in 10 Americans Have Biblical Worldview

46 Percent Claim to Lead a Christian Life 

Only 10 percent of Americans hold a distinctly biblical worldview, even though 46 percent—or nearly 100 million adults in the United States—claim to lead a Christian life, reports The Christian Post. 

In surveys published by the American Culture and Faith Institute, seven out of 10 Americans called themselves Christians, but relatively few were able to answer questions about the Bible and Christian beliefs.

The ACFI researchers interviewed 6,000 people from three groups: the general public, theologically conservative Protestant ministers, and what they call “spiritually active governance engaged conservative Christians” which they have been tracking since 2013.

The questionnaire included 20 “Christianity 101” questions about basic spiritual beliefs and 20 others assessing behavior. The researchers then reviewed respondents’ answers to the 40 questions in relation to biblical content. The number of biblically consistent answers was then tallied for each respondent.

Only 4 percent of young people ages 18–29 scored 80 percent or better, qualifying as “integrated disciples” by the researchers. The term integrated disciple aims to identify where mere stated religious beliefs inform a person’s lifestyle, hence the survey’s doctrinal and behavior questions.