Rescue: January/February 2016




CoverFocus: ​Domestic Violence

A Vicious Cycle, by Janet Napper

An All-Too-Common Encounter, by Margery Brubaker


The Beauty of Broken, by Elisa Morgan

Volunteer Passion, by Sue Rosenfeld

Generation Buzz, by Alexxa Gagner

Vibrant Ministry, by Kristi Rector


​Nuts & Bolts

Employee Recognition, by Brian M. Romano

The Big One's Life, by Brian H. Merriam

Dollars & Sense

Freeing Leaders to Lead, by Mike Johnson

Reaching New Donors, by Barry Durman

Neighbors & Beyond

Coming Soon: 2016 DC Forum, by Rhett Butler

Big Fish, Little Fish, by Michelle Porter

A Fresh Perspective, by Steve Wamberg





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