Rescue: July/August 2015




CoverFocus: ​Homeless Veterans

The Battle Is Just Beginning, by Sue Rosenfeld

Hitting the Streets, by Shane Newell


Examining Your Fundraising Health, by Pat McLaughlin and Ron Haas

Rich Ground for Bountiful Growth, by Kristi Rector

Difficult People, by Linda Mintle

Fast Getaways, by Rescue staff


​Nuts & Bolts

Seeking Accountability, by Mike Johnson

A Recipe for Delegation, by Brian M. Romano

Immunity for Professionals?, by Brian H. Merriam

Dollars & Sense

Lessons from Leaders, by John McAuley

Creating the Right Team, by Barry Durman

Neighbors & Beyond

Appreciating Local Churches, by Michelle Porter

Respecting Religious Liberty, by Rhett Butler

More Than Semantics, by Steve Wamberg










Rescue: January/February 2015




CoverFocus: Mission Environment

A Climate of Security and Peace, by Dick Druary

Health: The Cornerstone of Recovery, by Susan Rhymer

Security: Covering the Basics, by Tom Conrad

Liability: Protecting Your Mission and Your Clients, by Brian Merriam


The World at Our Door, by Ray Bakke

March of the Millennials, by John Mrazek

A Gallery of  Hope, by Sue Rosenfeld

All Things Made New, by Kristi Rector


  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Dollars & Sense
  • Neighbors & Beyond