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Accounting Assistant

Light of Life Rescue Mission is seeking a full-time Accounting Assistant to assist the Controller with managing the accounting and financial aspects of the organization and account for all financial transactions adhering to GAAP and ECFA standards and Light of Life's internal control policies and procedures.

These responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Paying all vendors accurately and on time.
Recording accurately and correctly all cash receipts on a daily basis for Light of Life as well as other entities being managed by Light of Life.
Reconciling daily and monthly bank account.
Supporting Controller in making monthly journal entries for Light of Life as well as other entities being managed by Light of Life.
Supporting Controller with annual budget process and preparation of documents for annual audit.
Exercising input with all accounting and finance decisions

Due to the interface with the clients, all jobs at Light of Life require employees to:

Walk alongside clients as a disciple of Christ and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them through actions and words.
Establish mutual trust and create a safe, authentic environment so that the clients continue to mature in Christ.
Serve the clients in a Christ-like manner and practice a self-evaluative lifestyle.
Resolve all issues in ways that promote the principles of Light of Life while following the processes described in the LOL staff manual.
Exhibit love for Jesus Christ, the staff, and the clients.
Study the Christian Bible and apply the knowledge received/revealed to job duties and clients’ specific issues.
Help the clients make choices that are justifiably in their eternal best interest.
Practice Christ Like stewardship of all resources.
Model personal responsibility, accountability, timely reporting and a self-evaluative lifestyle.

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Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  Administrative Support

3/6/2017 12:23:11 PM

Job Contact:
Britaini Watterson
(412) 256-6131

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