2017 Exhibitor Booth Registration
This event is now closed.

Event Date
  • 5/31/2017 -
    Please arrive early for registration
  • Hyatt Regency Dallas
  • 300 Reunion Blvd.
    Dallas, Texas 75207


We are excited to have your business exhibiting at AGRM's 2017 Annual Convention! Below are important links and instructions for registering. Please read carefully before continuing. If you have any questions, contact Beth Hall at 719-266-8300 x102 or via email at bhall@agrm.org.

Exhibitor Links

New Registration Process

If you have exhibited with us before, our registration process may seem quite different this year as we work to streamline and automate our process.

There are three main steps to registration:

  1. Updating your business member profile.

  2. Selecting your booth(s) and optional sponsorship(s).

  3. Registering booth reps. Please Note: Do not register your booth reps until you receive your discount codes via email. You will be instructed in that email to return to this page, register reps, and add meal plans. 


Updating Your Business Member Profile

If you are a business member, make sure you have updated your Convention Program Description and email. Go to www.agrm.org and click on Member Login on the end of the top menu bar. Once you have logged in, click My Organization Profile. Then click Edit General Information to create your Event Program Email and Event Program Description. These will be printed in our convention program and can be used for other events. We will be automatically pulling the descriptions and emails from here, so make sure to fill them in.

Event Contact

We have created an Event Contact on your Organization Profile in addition to the Executive Director and Billing Contact. This is not required, but we encourage you to add the person who will be in charge of planning for the exhibit hall. This person will be able to log in to update your program description and will receive important event emails from me. You can select an existing person from your organization people or add a new person.


 Registration Instructions:

  1. Booth Type: First choose the type of booth you would like (Booth, Prime Booth, Half Booth, etc...). before adding your booth reps. 

    IMPORTANT: Do not register your booth reps until AFTER you have completed your booth(s) registration. Otherwise you will not have the correct discount codes for your free reps.

  2. Booth Placement: During the registration process, you can select the number of booth(s) and types, as well as up to five booth placement possibilities. You will be emailed separately when booth assignments have been made.

  3. Sponsorships: You can also select your sponsorship interests, which will be awarded by a drawing on February 16, 2017. You will be notified if you received the sponsorship of your choice. I will contact you directly if you do not receive a sponsorship you applied for. 

  4. Payment: As of April 24, 2017, you will be charged in full for your booth. A confirmation email will be sent to you, followed by an approval email when your payment has been processed. The approval email will include a link to your receipt and your discount code(s) to register your booth reps.

  5. Booth Reps: Again, do NOT register booth reps until you receive your discount codes via email. You will be instructed in that email to return to this page, register reps, and add meal plans. We recommend that you first confirm who will be attending and then complete their registration. Be sure to use the discount code from your booth approval email to receive up to four free reps per booth or two for a half booth. You may also select meal plans at the time. Please note: You will be charged immediately for meal plans and any reps that do not have a discount code. The deadline for registering booth reps is May 8, 2017.  


Online registration is not available at this time.