AGRM Staff

Full-Time Staff

John Ashmen        

John Ashmen


Justin Boles   Stacie Hughes   Brade Lewis

Justin Boles

Director of Member Services

Stacie Hughes

Director of Operations

Brad Lewis

Director of Communications

Part-Time Staff

Christine Matos   Lisa Miller   Marcy Sandoval

Christine Matos

Executive Assistant

Lisa Miller

Meetings and Event Manager


Marcy Sandoval

Data and Member Support Manager

Lily Wright   Beth Hall    

Lily Wright

Special Projects

Beth Hall

Business Member Liaison and Special Services Assistant




Selena Hayle   Jeanne LaBarbera

Selena Hayle

Director of Member Engagement


Jeanne LaBarbera

Chief Financial Officer


Ken Peterson

Regional Coordinator
(Evergreen, Heartland, and Sierra districts)

Rev. Robert Loggins, Sr.      

Rev. Robert Loggins Sr.


Jere Shertzer

Regional Coordinator
(Great Lakes, Liberty, Northlands districts)


Tom Zobel

Regional Coordinator
(Bluegrass, Deep South, Rawhide districts)