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Bing Bang Boom's "Together" Album

Bill Byrne, CEO of Bing Bang Boom! music studio, has graciously made available the studio's "Together" album for AGRM member missions. The "Together" music will be available on a no-cost license to AGRM members. The license provides great flexibility and can be used for TV, radio, and for Internet advertisements. The music can also be used for videos, banquets, on-hold phone systems, and overall promotions.

Below is a sampling of titles that can be downloaded and used by AGRM members for the purposes of promoting rescue mission ministry. In the future, the studio will make available a full CD, which member missions can acquire for a one-time at-cost fee for altering the artwork and duplicating the CDs. Member missions can then sell the customized CDs and keep 100% of the proceeds for ministry. AGRM will make an announcement when the CD is ready for ordering.

Here's a sampling of the tracks (right-click on the song title to save the file):

Thank You (For Being My Friend)
Love Is
Don't Look Away

Click here for the lyrics to all of the above songs

Bill Byrne is a friend of Union Gospel Mission in Spokane, and he's a friend to AGRM. Here's a quote from UGM about Bill: "Bill is by far one of the Union Gospel Mission's most committed and remarkable givers. Since 1995, Bill has been an avid supporter of our efforts to help the homeless in Spokane, Washington.

"Bill is generous with his financial resource and he puts tremendous amounts of time into his music projects in order to get people to support the Union Gospel Mission. For years, Bill has been professionally writing, scoring, and producing musical projects that have been used in TV and radio commercials, UGM radio broadcasts, and numerous video projects.

"Bill's music inspires and spawns action. Bill's hope is that his songs will reach a new audience of givers—ones who may not read a direct mail piece but will listen to music."

AGRM is very grateful to Bill and Bing Bang Boom! for their generous donation of music to members of the association. For more information about Bing Bang Boom!, visit