Mission Member Benefits

AGRM is primarily an organization for rescue missions. Becoming a member of AGRM is an excellent way to connect with rescue ministry peers and to receive a number of benefits to strengthen you and your mission. These include:

News and information publications

  • A bimonthly magazine and semimonthly newsletter for rescue mission leaders, a monthly newsletter for executive directors, and best practices publications for every area of rescue mission ministry

Educational and training programs

  • An annual convention, Ripple Effect board enrichment program, district gatherings, occasional webinars, and a mentoring program for new rescue missions

Formal networking programs

  • Professional Networks (profession-related groups) and the annual CEO Summit for executive leaders

Spiritual encouragement

  • ​Minister-at-large available for counseling and prayer and a weekly email devotional

Online services

  • Mission, business, and individual member directories, online library, career center (find work or workers), forums, e-mail discussion lists, etc. To learn more about AGRM's website and available resources view/download our Website How-To Guide

Documents and data

  • White papers; sample policies, job descriptions, and other documents; and rescue-mission-related research, such as the annual Snapshot Survey, biannual Compensation Survey, and outputs and outcomes data.

Professional recognition

  • Certification, Media Innovation Competition, application fee waived for ECFA membership.
    Click here to find out more about the AGRM Certification Program.

Professional consultation

  • Toll-free help line, site visits, and board development sessions

Contract services

  • Foodservice, insurance, free legal advice, free software for re-employment programs, Christian counseling services, tuition discounts at two accredited universities, discounted planned giving tools, and other programs offered especially for AGRM members

Marketing and public relations

  • National and local public relations initiatives, curriculum for churches and Bible studies, website listing, and more

Government relations

  • Latest updates from Capitol Hill, DC Forum training/legislative networking event, and access to AGRM government liaison


  • Membership certificate and use of the AGRM logo 

Learn more by downloading the membership brochure and application or email us.