Judging Criteria

Newsletters | Brochures | Photos

Judges for the 2015 Media Innovation Competition will evaluate the submissions based on a number of criteria, including:

  1. Layout - How well does the publication catch the eye, create a visual flow and/or draw the reader's attention to the content?
  2. Content - Is the mission name well identified in the publication? Is the piece easy to read? Is the purpose or theme of the publication clearly communicated in the text? Do the headlines or "teaser phrases" highlight the content of the publication? Are captions related to the text? Is the publication an appropriate size and length?
  3. Human Interest - Does the publication appropriately share how lives have been changed through the mission's ministry?
  4. Effective Use of Photos/Graphics - Are the photos and/or graphics compelling, and do they accurately illustrate the theme of the publication? Are the photos and fonts properly sized for the publication?
  5. Uniqueness of Presentation - What creative elements are used to capture the interest of the reader?
  6. Ability to Evoke Response - Did the publication achieve the purpose of the writer? Did the publication produce a significant and measurable result?


Judges for the 2015 Media Innovation Competition will evaluate the submissions based on a number of criteria, including:

  1. Content - How informative is the site? Does it cover the mission in a broad, deep, and thorough manner? Is the information useful, accurate, and up-to-date?
  2. Design - Assesses the site's layout and presentation. Does it lead visitors through the information nicely? Are the pages appealing and easy to use? Does the site use video, audio, and graphics? Is the site provocative and appealing?
  3. Originality - Does the site look at the ministry of the mission in a unique way? Is information available at the site that is found nowhere else?
  4. Response - Does the site encourage involvement in the mission? Is the information updated regularly so that visitors will want to return to the site in the future?

Blogs | Podcasts | Online Videos

Electronic media is quickly becoming the standard for communicating in a fast-paced world. At AGRM, we encourage member missions to produce quality, innovative, and informative electronic media. Judges will look for the following criteria:


  • Current information; new content regularly added; content is relevant and well written; personal stories are engaging and share both the “how” and the “why” of mission ministry
  • An interactive quality; ways for readers/viewers to subscribe to future content; feedback from readers; ways readers can volunteer or pray for the mission
  • Ease in navigation from the mission home page to the blog and back
  • Awareness of the multiple aspects of the ministry
  • Archives of past posts


  • Frequently updated content
  • Ease of navigation from the mission home page
  • Creative use of podcasts; informative; innovative; interviews of clients; etc.
  • Contact information for listeners; ways to subscribe for future posts

Online Videos

  • Quality video
  • Uniqueness of the video presentation
  • Video that is creative, engaging, and holds the attention of the viewer
  • Awareness of aspect(s) of the ministry