Stay Connected and Provide Help as Hurricane Irma Hits the Caribbean, Florida, and Other Parts of the South


You can donate to AGRM-member missions affected by Irma through AGRM.

Visit Log in and on the online form, simply enter the amount you would like to give in the “Special” field, and type “Disaster Relief” in the "Instructions" field. 

AGRM will disperse the funds to our member missions in Florida and other areas affected by ramifications of the storm.


What to Do If You Need Help

If you have been affected personally by the hurricane and need emergency shelter or aid, please use our map search to locate the nearest mission in your community. (You can also enter to go to the same search.)

News from AGRM Member Missions
Member missions can submit prayer requests and updates regarding how Irma affected them by clicking here or via email to We will repost updates here. 

(Most recent listed first; information taken from both our Disaster Relief Connect Group and direct communications with mission staff in affected areas)


DuWayne Sipper, executive director, The Path of Citrus County (Beverly Hills, Florida)
All in all , pretty good. No power in my main office, many trees down. Just hooked up my computer to a staff office where they still have power and internet.

Staff a little grouchy who has not had showers and can’t sleep without AC. Thanks for checking in on us. We just need the money to start coming in to get through the rest of the slump and into fall. A little concerned our donors pockets may be tapped from the cleanup.

The Lord blew down a big lit sign I wanted down and a large tree fell perfectly between 2 buildings. The power cut off next door to our pantry but stayed on in the building where the food and the 20 foot freezer is! A deli who's power has been off donated all their food to us, hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers. 

God shined and church is open tonight! I'm quite sure many people will be in church who do not attend regularly and I'm very sure people prayed a lot more than normal over the weekend.


September 11
Buddy Morrow, executive director, CITA Rescue Mission (Melbourne, Florida)
We wanted to thank everyone for your prayers. A couple of roofs gone, but praise God everyone is safe. We were able to help many elderly and women prepare their homes for Irma and this gives our guys some uplifting. We have already hit the streets helping others, so we are truly blessed and thankful for Him in the eye of the storm. 

September 11
Ronald Brummitt, president, Miami Rescue Mission (Miami, Florida)

Thank you for praying for us. Our admin office is down and our servers are down for email. Phone coverage is spotty and things are delayed. We are weathering things the best we can. There is some damage, but the Lord is still on the throne and we are blessed that we weren’t hit worse by the storm. 

September 11
Dean O. Webb, executive director, Faith Farm Ministries (Boynton Beach, Florida) 

Thank you everyone for your prayers. All 532 students, staff, plus dependents are safe. All buildings at all three farms are mostly OK except for roof issues. Still no power. Damage limited to fences, awnings, and massive amounts of trees and foliage.

September 11, 4:00 a.m. EDT
Freddy Clayton, president, Orlando Union Rescue Mission (Orlando, Florida)

The wind is now subsiding in Orlando. We have housed and fed about 200 men, women, and children for three days in addition to our regular guests. Our facilities suffered minor damage, and we had the chance to share the love of Jesus with lots of folks we don't see normally. Our fervent prayers are for our brothers and sisters west of Orlando - in Lakeland, Tampa, and nearby communities - and in the Naples area, where Irma made landfall. They bore the brunt of the storm and undoubtedly need our prayers. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We appreciate them and your efforts, and I am confident they helped ensure this storm was less destructive than most of us expected. God bless y'all.

September 10
Bruce Gimbel, Jericho Road Ministries (Brooksville, Florida)

Thank you to everyone for your prayers…. From Jericho Road Ministries. All clients are in shelters throughout Hernando County, Florida. Staff have now “hunkered" down at home…. We will keep you posted. Jesus Quiets All Storms In Life.

September 10
Dean O. Webb, executive director, Faith Farm Ministries (Boynton Beach, Florida) 

Thank you for your prayers for Florida missions regarding Irma. Prayers are working for us because the eye was going up the middle of Florida, but shifted to the west. Having campuses on the east coast, we will be spared maximum damage thought originally to be sustained. Please keep praying...worst winds to start 3:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. today (Sunday). 

September 9
Steve Brooder, Executive Vice President, St. Matthew's House (Naples, Florida)

St. Matthew's House has evacuated our Naples Rescue Mission and our Recovery Program campuses. This has displaced over 300 people that we serve every day plus all our staff. The expected path of Hurricane Irma will directly impact southwest Florida. After we experienced 100+mph hurricane force winds, we could face a 9-12' storm surge at our main campus. The eye of the hurricane will pass thru our area on Sunday and the storm surge will occur Monday. If we lose our central kitchen we will be searching for temporary facilities to help feed our community. Four of our five thrift stores along with our warehouse operation are in vulnerable areas. We are preparing for our disaster response and plan to do everything we can to serve our community once our people are safe and secure to display the light and love of Jesus Christ. Please pray for God's grace and mercy on us and safety for everyone in the path of this massive hurricane.



September 8
Penny Kievet, executive director, City Rescue Mission (Jacksonville, Florida) 

Please be in prayer for all in Florida as we continue to prepare for Irma.  Our missions throughout the state will be helping thousands who are scared and seeking shelter and that is in addition to our students and regular guests. We have already had 100 folks check into our shelter because of mandatory evacuations here in Jacksonville. Thank you for praying. Pray for Irma to head out to the ocean and pray for the safety of people and property. This is expected to be the worst hurricane ever for our state.

September 7
Dean O. Webb, executive director, Faith Farm Ministries (Boynton Beach, Florida) 

We cannot evacuate. We have some court-ordered people here and cannot be moved. The Turnpike has been clogged heading North for 48 hours anyway, ever since before the Mandatory Key West Evacuation Order. We are boarding up houses, corporate office, and having staff vacate their trailers to go into the thrift store, which is closed to accommodate them. And, it has a generator in case of loss of power. The main thing to pray for is protection. All our staff live in on-site trailers, which cannot withstand 165+ mph winds without supernatural intervention. If those trailers don’t make it, we will have a homeless ministry to our entire staff.  Thanks for your prayers. 


News and Member Information

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Support Your Local Mission

  AGRM has 15 member missions in Florida, plus missions in Barbados and Jamaica, in addition to other potentially affected areas across the South.

Assistance provided by gospel rescue missions is free of charge to those in need. Each mission offers unique services, so please contact the mission nearest you to ask how you can support it.

Listed below are some general ways to support missions in areas affected by Hurricane Irma. 

Financial Contributions

AGRM missions are primarily privately funded and depend on financial contributions to provide aid and emergency shelter to those left homeless and hungry in the wake of disaster. Cash is the most efficient method of donating because it offers rescue missions the most flexibility in obtaining the most-needed resources. Use our map search to find the mission nearest you that you might want to donate to and look for the donation and volunteer links. If there are no links to donate or to volunteer in AGRM's profile of the mission, click the mission website link; in most cases the mission's online donation link will be on the mission website's home page.



Immediately following a disaster, a community can become easily overwhelmed by the amount of generous people who want to help. Contacting and affiliating with an established rescue mission in the area will help to ensure that you are appropriately trained to respond in the most effective way.

Be patient. Recovery lasts a lot longer than the media attention. There will be volunteer needs for many months, often years, after the disaster—especially when the community enters the long-term recovery period.


Donate in-kind goods that are specifically requested or needed by the rescue mission. Confirm the needs by contacting the mission of your choice before starting to collect. Most missions will typically need the items below during a natural disaster:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Clothing and shoes for men, women, and children
  • New clean socks and underwear

  • Hygiene items


AGRM's Intercessory Prayer Team is praying for all those who will be affected by the storm, and asking God for protection of life and property. You can join them by lifting your local mission before God in prayer.