News from AGRM Member Missions Affected by Hurricane Harvey


September 1
Don Johnson, president, Campus of Hope, Conroe, Texas 
I have already updated AGRM members about needs: emergency beds, children's books, DVDs, children's Bibles, school supplies, and three very leaky roofs. Though insurance may cover a lot of costs, the deductibles will be maybe $5,000. Thank you very much for every support gift given in Jesus' name. A side issue, the grass has grown so fast, that our power push mower is dying even after I had it repaired. We are a newer women and their children ministry started late in 2016, after the City of Conroe shut down our Day Shelter. Finances are tough on start-ups. We are told that our 50 year old stylish and warm house program is the very best in Conroe. Men are constantly asking us for finding bed space for them. Maybe later and not next door!

August 31
Don Johnson, president, Campus of Hope, Conroe, Texas 
Today (Thursday) we finally got two construction men on the Campus of Hope Flat roofs. Though inspected last fall when we purchased this 8 bedroom now 24 bed house, and roof was reported fine, it seems to not be the case now. Shingles and tar and flashing all real bad. Real poor, either due to high winds and horizontal rain, or hot heat this summer. Water ran down some walls inside, but no apparent damage inside. One flat roof has a lake in the middle. Flashing simply pulled away. The 3 flat root roofs are +/- 20 x 25. The pitched roofs are not examined yet. 

Items we could use: emergency mattresses, children’s books & DVD’s, hygiene supplies, paper supplies, finances, and lot of prayer—being in a 50 year old building with a new program. We are not flooded but very strong winds and rain. The rains came down, but the floods for us did not come up!


August 30
AGRM business member Relief Bed International desires to assist AGRM homeless shelters and pop up shelters in the affected areas in Texas and surrounding areas. They offer products built with disaster management in mind. They urge all missions who provide emergency shelter to be prepared with their own emergency shelter needs. And they want to donate beds to missions affected by Hurricane Harvey.
They are offering either their Roll Up Relief Bed or Waterproof Tri-Fold Relief Bed at $55.00 each (see the products at, and with every 5 purchased, Relief Bed International will send 1 free to an AGRM mission that is sheltering those affected by Harvey.  Contact Scott Smalling at for more information on this program and to let them know which shelters in the affected areas are in need of beds to receive donations. 


August 30
Biblica (formerly International Bible Society) is offering scripture-based children’s booklets called “The Survivors” in English and Spanish that have recently been updated but were originally developed with Compassion International. They also have a booklet for teens through adults “When Your Whole World Changes” also in English and Spanish. Available to AGRM-member missions in affected areas. Contact Laura C. Fisher, area executive directory-North America at

August 28
Don Johnson, president; Lori Williams, program director (live in), Campus of Hope, Conroe, Texas 
Campus of Hope Rescue Mission is a 20 bed Women & Family Transitional Program in Conroe, Texas, about 50 miles North of Houston. Yes, Hurricane Harvey is impacting us with wind and horizontal rain. Water ran down one inside house wall and thru the ceiling of our small office area. The street in front was flooded, with canoes and kayaks passing by but no flood water into the house.  All the area streets and freeways are closed. We are OK. We are being warned that much more rain is coming. It comes in waves. The rain confines mothers and children to the building. Yet a peaceful situation prevails. God’s presence is felt.  

August 28
Jerry Rilling,  Executive Director, Beacon Light Mission/Doors of Hope Women's Shelter, Wilmington, California
Our little mission received 600 blankets over the weekend, a bounty from our Lord. We would gladly share these with the people in Texas. Any suggestion on how we can get them there? [Editor's note: Jerry's email is]

August 28
From Hank Rush, president and CEO of Star of Hope Mission, Houston
I appreciate you checking in on us very much. Our mission is doing just fine. Our two main facilities are both operational and have power and water, plus back up generation capability for power. Our city and area is heavily impacted. 

We had moved 250 women and children from our old campus to our new campus the end of last week. And two days later the hurricane hit. The new campus has its own retention wall because Houston is so flat. Everything on the new campus is fine. We are working with the city of Houston to help stranded citizens. The city of Houston put 500 people up last night we had 100 at our mission. With all of the changes and the move to our new campus, we recently moved our office to a suite, and that area is flooded. Our suite is fine but we can't get to it. 

The vastness of this flooding is quite unbelievable. All of the images you see on TV are quite accurate; it's a mess down here. Please keep us in Houston and south Texas in your prayers! We are very appreciative of all the prayers of fellow AGRM members, and we will try to keep you posted.


August 28
From Tommy Thompson, president/CEO of Open Door Mission, Houston
Thanks for your concern and contact. We are OK. Took on some water in the kitchen and other non-critical areas. What a test of our facility's condition. The main building was built in 1904 and is standing strong. We have food until Saturday and hope the Food Bank reopens soon. The spirits of the men in our program are really good. They are grateful that they are safe and dry. Gratitude is a really good sign as far as I'm concerned. We have more water coming but we believe the worst is behind us. God is in control and He has this. We leave it to Him to get us through. Thanks again for checking in us. God bless.

You can donate to member missions affected by this year's hurricanes through AGRM.

Visit Log in and on the online form, simply enter the amount you would like to give in the “Special” field, and type “Disaster Relief” in the "Instructions" field. 

AGRM will disperse the funds to our member missions affected by ramifications of the storms.