From Mark Horvath:

In my article titled “Rescue Missions of the Future” in the March/April 2014 issue of Rescue magazine, I wrote:

I believe a year-long faith-based recovery program can benefit someone who desires it. But an authentic look at the data reveals that persons who are given the dignity of their own home will recover faster than those living on bunk beds or dormitory style with a large group of men or women.

Here are some links to data that I urge you to look at for yourself:

Cost Analysis for Chronically Ill Homeless Adults Compared to Usual Care:

Getting Home:

The Frequent User Service Enhancement Initiative: New York City FUSE II:

Comparative Costs and Benefits of Permanent Supportive Housing in Knoxville:

Dennis Culhane on transitional shelters:

Housing First vs. treatment-based programs:

Cost of Transitional vs. Rapid Rehousing for families (Slides 11, 12 and 20 are jawdropping):

Also visit: 

Finally, I also urge you to watch the following video:

March/April 2014 Rescue magazine