Exhibit Details

Select the booth(s) that are right for you on the floor plan.


 8' x 10' Booths  AGRM Business Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
 1 Booth  $1,395  $1,835
 2 or More Booths  $1,295 each  $1,720 each

Add $275 for prime space booths (shown in tan on the floor plan).


      1. 8' x 10' professionally draped booth space.
      2. One draped six-foot table and two chairs per booth.
      3. Convention name badges for up to four representatives per booth. Name badges permit access to all convention activities except meals and general sessions. (If you need more than four representatives per booth, you will incur an additional fee of $295 per rep. Please contact Beth Hall for details or questions.)
      4. Up to four meals and beverages per booth for the dinner, lunch, and dessert in the Exhibit Hall are included.
      5. Optional convention meal package, providing access to all convention meals and general sessions, at a special price of $179 per person.
      6. Free listing in email blast to convention registrants (if registration, payment, and description information are received by April 13).
      7. Free listing on the AGRM convention-related web page (if registration, payment, and description information are received by April 13).
      8. Free 30-word description of company or ministry in convention program and on the mobile convention website (if registration, payment, and description information are received by April 13).

Not included but available through the decorator and/or the hotel are electrical hookup, phone, dedicated/wired Internet service, drayage service, and setup labor.

Soon after AGRM receives your registration and deposit payment, the decorator will send you an exhibition services kit outlining details regarding furnishing rentals, power, exhibit labor, shipping, drayage service, and other services.

Informal Networking and Business Solicitation

The convention Exhibit Hall is AGRM’s designated place for companies and organizations to engage attendees for the purpose of networking and business solicitation. Businesses and organizations that have a presence in the Exhibit Hall are also welcome to network with attendees throughout the convention event. However, businesses and organizations that do NOT pay for exhibit space in the Exhibit Hall are prohibited from engaging attendees for the purpose of networking and business solicitation.

Rationale: AGRM business members and other businesses and organizations that pay for a presence in the Exhibit Hall see those who do not pay for that same presence as “stealing” the same opportunity that they are “buying.” If AGRM allows this practice to occur, it could eventually erode the Exhibit Hall proposition and drive attendee costs up beyond what they can afford to pay and erode attendance at the annual convention. If this occurs, then everyone loses.

If a company or organization registers as an attendee rather than exhibiting in the Exhibit Hall, AGRM reserves the right to reject the registration or to charge a significantly higher registration fee, the amount of which will be determined solely by AGRM.

Accommodation for Small Businesses

AGRM is also aware that exhibiting at the convention can sometimes be financially difficult for smaller businesses or one-man shops. To help in this regard, this year we are again offering shared booth spaces (as well as several "half booth" spaces).

If your company or organization is a one-person entity OR has annual revenue of less than $160,000, you may apply to share a booth. Simply check the Shared Booth option on the Application/Contract. Your credit card will be billed a $250 deposit for the shared space, and you will later be invoiced for one half of the standard booth fee ($675.00 for AGRM business members; $895.00 for non-members). NOTE: When planning any displays, keep in mind that you will either be sharing an 8'X10' booth or assigned to a 5'X8' booth, so any displays must be a maximum of 5' wide. Also, a shared booth includes just two representatives per company; additional representatives will incur an additional fee of $295 per rep. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Hall, exhibit and sponsor coordinator.   

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