AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention AGRM 2018 Annual Convention

June 12 - 9:00 AM - Walk in Wisdom Workshops    $

Come early for some powerful four-hour education offerings covering subjects that are pertinent to every mission and like ministry operating today.
  The Perpetual Prayer Journey of a Godly Leader
    When you’re preparing to take the next major step in your ministry, you want to take that step with God. Don’t allow spiritual strongholds or a sluggish prayer life to derail the best that God has for you and your mission. Robert Loggins, AGRM’s minister-at-large and author of a number of books on holiness, discipleship, and prayer, will lead you on an interactive prayer journey to begin to shed the shackles that inhibit spiritual growth and pave the way for wise, dynamic, godly leadership.
  Biblical Diversity for Those Tired of Hearing About It
    The concept of diversity has become divisive in society today. But diversity, as God created it, can be a beautiful thing that will encourage your ministry to flourish when it’s properly understood and activated. Learn how to drive change at your mission that will increase engagement, unleash the potential of your team, and leave no doubt where you stand. This workshop—presented in an unthreatening, enjoyable way—will foster real understanding of diversity and empower you to confidently cross cultural and racial boundaries with clients, guests, and team members.
  Start-Up Fundraising for Small Missions and Ministries
    Are you tired of development theory or ideas that work only for ministries with large budgets and expansive teams? This fast-paced workshop will get you started with no budget and no development staff, using practical ideas, a proven action plan, and tools you can take back and put to work immediately.You’ll be better equipped to recruit and mobilize your board, sharpen your message, lead campaigns, win grants, attract major donors, and so much more!
  Changing a City through Purposeful Collaboration
    Collaboration is the key to seeing real progress in a city. The challenges we face today will overwhelm the lone rangers. But meaningful partnerships can fuel change, excite your community, and inspire a movement. This session features a case study of New York’s Rescue Alliance, a partnership of six ministries (including two AGRM-member missions) that have combined forces with 50 affiliate organizations to make a major difference in North America’s largest city. It can happen in your city too!


AGRM’s Annual Convention offers 60 seminars in 12 tracks. Complete seminar descriptions, plus instructor’s names and titles, will be available at in March, as well as in the final convention program.

Group 1
June 13
11:15 a.m.
Group 2
June 13
3:00 p.m.
Group 3
9:00 a.m.
Group 4
June 14
3:00 p.m.
Group 5
June 15
8:00 a.m.


   Identifying and Helping Trafficking Victims


   International City Mission Perspectives


   Clearing Pathways to Housing

 The Burnout Prevention Toolbox

   Facilitating Healing from Abuse




   Thinking Beyond Today for Missions


   Creating a Culture that Inspires


   Leading for Growth


   A New Way to do Strategic Planning


   Seven Habits of Healthy Boards




   How to Treat Clients with Dignity and Respect


   Barrier-Busting Intake Procedures


   How to Open a Medical Clinic/Respite Care Center for Free


   Resource Spotlight: Nurse-Family Partnership


   Defending Against Bed Bugs




   Enterprise in a Box


   How to Get Retailers to WANT Your Products


   Igniting Entrepreneurship


   Managing What Matters


   Getting Started with Social Enterprise




   Building Health Partnerships That Work


   Helping Clients Grow Through Grieving and Loss


   Figuring Out What Makes an Addict Tick and How to Help


   Breaking the Bonds of Shame


   Bridging The Gap Between Homelessness, Long-Term Programs, and Housing




   Resource Spotlight: Adult and Teen Challenge


   Increasing Job Readiness and Acquisition


   Leveraging Community Partnerships for Family Housing


   The Role of Humility in Life Regeneration


   Judea, Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth




   Financial Policies and Procedures


   Recent Developments Affecting Your Mission


   Steps to Promote a Safe and Secure Environment for Those We Lead and Serve


   30 Characteristics of Great Teams


   Mock Trial: Risk Assessment and Mitigation




   Understanding Stress and Building Staff Resiliency


   Turnaround Amid Chaos


   Decoding Conflict


 Employer-Provided Housing, Incentives, and Other Compensation Issues


   Marijuana in the Workplace




 Best Practices and Big Mistakes of Rescue Mission Capital Campaigns


   A Development Dashboard: Not Big Data but the Right Data


   Embracing Abundance: A Fresh Approach to Growing Major Giving


   Energize Your Major Donor Efforts


   Collaboration: Key to Successful Capital Campaigns




   Event Profitability: Make Money and Not Just Friends


   50 Ideas in 50 Minutes


   Making the Generation Gap Work for Your Ministry


   Fundraising Breakthrough: Unleashing the Donor Experience
   Cultivating Your Community and Churches




   Crisis Communications


   Engaging Businesses in Transformational Work
   When Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand?


   Media Relations Training


   Cause-related Marketing for Ministries