AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention

What's the Value of AGRM's Annual Convention?

Some people ask this question: Can we afford to go to an event like this? Many, however, have learned to ask another question: Can we afford to miss this event? And they discover that the answer is a resounding no. Here is why:

Information—Every year, the convention includes seminars and ongoing discussions about new regulations, new ways of doing things, and new opportunities that help mission staff members refocus and redirect their efforts in ways that really pay off.
Bonding—When you go to your association’s annual event, you realize anew that you are part of a huge network of people who have similar motivations, similar goals, and similar struggles—and you feel a camaraderie that catapults you forward.
Inspiration—In exchange for all the giving you do, you finally have an opportunity for some getting. The messages, devotionals, worship, and prayer times—with ministry peers—can bring the personal revival you need in order to keep going strong.

Who Attends AGRM's Annual Conventions

Years ago, AGRM’s Annual Conventions were the events that brought together mainly mission “superintendents” and directors to confer and compare notes. Today, our yearly events are the energetic “gathering place” for those whose ministry focus is pouring out God’s blessings and grace on poor and powerless people. Whether you are a case manager, fundraiser, president & CEO, thrift store operator, finance director, program supervisor, marketing specialist, board member, or faithful volunteer, you’ll find multiple elements at an AGRM convention for you.

Many executive leaders even see the convention as the perfect opportunity to catapult the careers of promising new employees and prospective future leaders.

Convention Features
AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

New CEOs Immersion Course

Those just starting out in their role as a rescue mission CEO (e.g., executive director, president, etc.)—or those needing a relevant refresher—can get the tools to be abundantly successful through this four-hour intensive workshop. Learn insights borne of experience from a team of veteran CEOs. Find out how to avoid the six pitfalls that new (or weary) leaders often succumb to. This Immersion Course will lay the groundwork for all of the convention seminars that will follow over the next four days.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Interactive Prayer Room

Experience the presence of the Lord in a unique way as you enter this quiet place and ponder His love, sacrifice, blessings, protection, guidance, and more. At various stations, Scripture will be brought to life using art, music, illustrations, and other elements. The Interactive Prayer Room will be open around the clock. Counselors will be available in the room or located nearby.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

TED Talk-Style Sessions

Rather than having one 40-minute message, some of our general sessions will have two 20-minute, Bible-based presentations dealing with pertinent issues relevant to culture, current events, or rescue mission ministry. The spiritual element that our general sessions are known for will still be there, but not in the traditional style. The format will provide more variety and opportunities to discover new perspectives and truths about ourselves and our settings.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Chaplain Homilies

The AGRM network is blessed with numerous rescue mission chaplains who can rightly divide the Word of Truth. Throughout the convention, we will hear from several of them as they give us their testimonies and insights. Their words will be uplifting and encouraging, and you’ll know that rescue missions across North America are in good hands.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Mission Tours

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we are offering transportation and formal tours to four of our member facilities. On the opening day, we will spend time in Dallas at Union Gospel Mission and then Dallas LIFE. On the closing day, the tour bus will head west a few miles to Fort Worth to see Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (where the Same Kind of Different as Me story unfolded) and Beautiful Feet Ministries. Each one of these missions is unique in its facilities, set-up, and operations. Touring all four missions will be like a convention in itself.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Worship Time

We’ve selected one of the general sessions to concentrate almost entirely on worship, utilizing music, Bible readings, and testimonies to draw us closer together and closer to our heavenly Father.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Chisholm Trail Dinner

One evening we will have a cattle-drive style chuck-wagon dinner in our Exhibit Hall. It will be a fun atmosphere with some great music and grub. Stop by the “campfire” to hear some stories and let the ki yi yippees flow.

AGRM 2017 Annual Convention  

Exhibit Hall

Once again our Exhibit Hall promises to be booming with a variety of businesses to help your mission succeed. Last year we broke our own record: 75 rescue-mission relevant businesses were represented, including 20 new to AGRM. We expect another record breaker this year, and with our larger Exhibit Hall space, you’ll have more room to connect, plan, and fellowship.



Dallas-Fort Worth Area


  • Arboretum and Botanical Garden
  • Dallas Heritage Village
  • George W. Bush Presidential Museum
  • Sixth Floor Museum
  • Texas Discovery Gardens


  • Billy Bob’s Texas Honky Tonk
  • Christian Arts Museum of Fort Worth
  • Fort Worth Stockyards
  • Sundance Square
  • Texas Civil War Museum


  • AT&T Stadium
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Texas Rangers Baseball
  • Top O'Hill Terrace
  • Trader's Village
AGRM 2017 Annual Convention