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Number: OL12-01

The Emergence of Global Cities: The Opportunities and Challenges They Present

Description: Increasingly, North American cities are becoming a mosaic of the world, with unique subcultures, languages, and customs. Missions that do not begin to shape their ministries to deal with this phenomenon could soon appear to be out of touch with their cities. Learn how to keep your mission relevant to everyone.   

Number: OL12-02

What Every Mission Needs to Know about the Fair Housing Act      

Description: AGRM regularly hears about cases in which local governments or special-interest groups try to get missions under the jurisdiction of the Fair Housing Act, in essence classifying shelters as dwellings. Learn how to minimize your risks of being drawn into a suit, and how to band together with other missions to fight off this game-changing attack. 

Number: OL12-03

Charging for Shelter and Addiction Recovery Services: Is it “Christian”?!

Description: Putting a price on compassion may seem astonishing. But those who are starting to do so are helping guests break free of an addiction to assistance, positively changing their missions’ environments, and strengthening their business propositions. Learn how one mission implemented these changes and dealt with the opposition.

Number: OL12-04

Six Very Good Reasons to Organize Your Mission as a Church…and Six Reasons Not To

Description: About one in four rescue missions are organized as a church—which may deflect legislation that could compromise Christian identity. But there are also disadvantages. Come explore both options. We’ll look at government definitions, filings, and requirements; the effects on fund raising; staffing anomalies; and community expectations.

Number: OL12-05

Tomorrowland: What Rescue Missions Could Very Well Look Like in 2025   

Description: With our rapidly changing world, the intervention of government, the ministry approach of upcoming generations, and a variety of needs, missions will likely look much different in the days ahead. AGRM’s president and others will discuss their related perspectives. Listen, comment, and consider how you can remain ready and relevant.   
Instructor: John Ashmen, Brad Meuli, Chad Green

Number: OL12-06

Up in Smoke: The Effects of Tobacco on Mission Culture

Description: For years, tobacco use was allowed in most missions. Today, more and more leaders are realizing that an addiction to cigarettes is a mood bender and roadblock to real recovery. Hear how many ministries have successfully initiated smoking cessation—and the effects it has had on their programs and their overall environment. 
Instructor: Nick Gisi


Number: OL12-07

A Whole New Approach to Mentoring for the CEO Who Doesn’t Have Time 

Description: Almost everyone believes in the importance of mentoring, but too many CEOs say they don’t have the time (or perhaps the proper approach or consistency). Wise executives pass on their wisdom and experience, training the next generation. Learn from the passion and approach of a mentoring expert and executive coach.

Number: OL12-08

Developing a Corporate Culture That Enables Smooth Leadership Transitions

Description: A change in top leadership may go awry or take too long because the culture is totally wrapped up in the outgoing CEO. Learn to create a positive, upbeat corporate culture that everyone will want to embrace—and that prepares every stakeholder for a comfortable transition of leadership.    

Number: OL12-09

Hard Calls on Tough Days: Seven Difficult Scenarios and How They Were Handled

Description: A valuable staffer’s defiance. A key donor’s ultimatum. A long-time vendor’s costly error. How we handle tough situations defines our leadership and our character. Experienced CEOs will discuss some crises they faced last year, the biblical and the leadership principles they employed, and the outcomes.  

Number: OL12-10

How to Really Love Your Board (and Make the Feeling Mutual)

Description: Most CEOs agree they should communicate and comply with their boards, but few say it’s their job to love their boards. Learn what this really means, how to do it, and the differences it will make in your job, their positions, and your organization as a whole.

Number: OL12-11

The President’s Pen: Written Communication Mandates for Every CEO

Description: The typical mission CEO uses his or her writing skills every day for email messages, formal letters, thank-you notes, online posts, memos, and more. But only about a third of CEOs believe they communicate well “on paper.” Pick up 27 tips for making your messages concise, clear, and creative.

Number: OL12-12

Geezers, Greenhorns, and Geeks: Living with the Strange Staff We Have Assembled (and Inherited)

Description: The typical mission is multi-generational, plus has veterans and novices, introverts and extroverts, and specialists and generalists—all with varied job expectations. Blending them into a high-achieving, unified staff is a challenge. Learn the secrets of team-building and motivational leadership. This is a key seminar for mission CEOs without HR staff.   


Number: OL12-13

Hospitality and Resident Safety: Creating an Environment of Safety without Killing a Culture of Care

Description: Is your mission safe? In this session, learn how one mission has developed and maintained excellent security measures without creating a prison-like environment. Explore the philosophy of security, plus physical surroundings, lighting, entry systems, appearance of security personnel, cameras and internal security systems, and much more.     

Number: OL12-14

Table Talk: How the Dining Room Can (and Should) Be Your Mission’s Hub of Hospitality

Description: Is mealtime at your mission a reoccurring celebration of God’s blessing in a brightly lit, appropriately decorated room? Are your recipes creative and does your presentation have pizzazz? Learn the importance the table has in family life, church fellowship, and the spread of Christianity. Turn mealtimes into an opportunity to party.

Number: OL12-15

When Helping Hurts     

Description: Using the book, When Helping Hurts as a guide, we’ll explore how some ministries’ philosophies and methods could do more damage to our clients than good. When should relief stop and rehabilitation begin? When does helping actually hurt? Discuss the philosophy of individual relief, rehabilitation, and development. Be challenged to rethink your program model and present structure of services.   

Number: OL12-16

Taking It on the Road: Hospitality beyond Our Own Walls

Description: Missions can take their ministries to the streets and offer hope and healing through compassionate hospitality ministry. Our presenting mission has developed one of the most extensive mobile feeding ministries available today. Find out how to do it right from this veteran of rescue ministry.

Number: OL12-17

Hospitality in Light of Housing First

Description: Learn about the history of the systems that gave rise to the launch of “Housing First” as a one-size-fits-all response to homelessness, and the growing distain of the traditional emergency shelter model. How should missions respond? What changes should they make to ensure they have solution-based programs?

Number: OL12-18

Hospitality and House Rules: Can the Two Comfortably Coexist?

Description: We all have rules that people need to follow. But, sometimes rules get in the way of extending compassionate care and hospitality to those in need. What rules are needed? What rules can we surrender? How are rules enforced in a spirit of hospitality? When the Lord instructs us to “welcome the how do we flesh that out and strike the right balance of rule enforcement and making “exceptions to the rules” for the good of those we serve?     



Number: OL12-19

Certification for Substance Abuse Counselors

Description: Discover the qualifications and competencies for becoming a credentialed substance abuse counselor, including where and how to apply in your area. Your current experience may have you well along the path toward certification. Included will be a discussion about the benefits and advantages certification may bring to your programs.

Number: OL12-20

Restorative Justice and Your Mission

Description: Restorative justice—something every mission needs to teach—is a process that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by offensive behavior. The restorative justice approach can be helpful for people seeking reconciliation and restitution with estranged people in their lives. You’ll leave this session with principles and programmatic applications.

Number: OL12-21

Women and Children First

Description: Shelters for women and children address a huge need. The staff from three new shelters will discuss the good and bad about going from small and old to large and new. They’ll also talk about facility, program, personnel, funding, and PR lessons they learned. Don’t break ground or call a contractor until you hear what they have to say. 

Number: OL12-22

Job Training in an Environment of High Unemployment

Description: The epitome of discouragement is to successfully finish rehabilitation and job-training programs only to find no jobs available. This dejection has resulted in relapse for more than a few people. Learn how one mission is approaching job training in light of the market, and how it has achieved a higher-than-average placement percentage.

Number: OL12-23

Becoming a Counselor’s Counselor

Description: What separates good counselors from great counselors? What makes a counselor a professional to whom other counselors refer their friends and families? Examine the data with us to discover the characteristics of great counselors, as well as the things great counselors do and don’t do.

Number: OL12-24

Unlocking the Potential for Change within Your Shelter’s Guests   

Description: Frustrated by a lack of progress with those you serve? Learn how to unlock the potential for change by using a toolbox of best-practice standards in your program design, implementation, evaluation, and follow-up. Help shelter guests become excited about the promise God gives in Jeremiah 29:11.



Number: OL12-25

A Light on the Streets: Bringing Community Renewal through a Life-Changing Program for At-Risk Youth

Description: John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa offers a program designed to give youth from the streets a safe place to encounter God's love away from gang influences and other dangers. Hear from the program's founder and learn how your mission can effectively catalyze community development through this powerful type of ministry.

Number: OL12-26

Post-Incarceration Programming

Description: People who’ve recently been released from prison have different needs and require different treatments than your other clients. We’ll discuss today’s prison population and the needs of former inmates. Learn how to slow or prevent the cycle of criminal relapse, and explore a pilot program one mission is starting with Prison Fellowship.

Number: OL12-27

Camp Owners’ Roundtable: Brilliant Ways to Use Your Remote Property  

Description: About one in four rescue missions have their own camp properties. While camp is a changing ministry medium, it’s one that can hold value for your mission. Three mission leaders will describe how they’ve maximized their camps, and share the pitfalls to avoid when implementing camping into your programs.

Number: OL12-28

Out of Egypt: Using the Exodus Story as a Model for Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Description: The comparison of the Israelites leaving Egypt to people leaving their addictions provides a sound biblical guide as you deal with your guests’ past habits and current fears. It’s also a great way to explain the comforts of addiction, struggles of recovery, and prospects and perils of relapse to staff, volunteers, and donors. 

Number: OL12-29

Where Dreams Come True

Description: What memories will children have from your rescue mission? Will they ever want to come back and visit the “home” where they had positive experiences? Will they remember seeing God at work? Hear a child psychologist’s perspective, and learn how you can create life adventures for young minds. 

Number: OL12-30

Mentoring Men and Women Guests: A Terrific Role for Local Congregations

Description: Initiate, recruit for, implement, train for, and maintain an effective mentoring program for your residents. Learn to involve the church body in the direct one-on-one restoration of your clients while increasing your program’s kingdom impact and decreasing recidivism. Explore what others are doing to restore lives and mend relationships.    


Number: OL12-31

Avoiding and Overcoming Development Pitfalls and Distractions

Description: What are the biggest issues facing mission development programs today? Come to this session and hear from those who have walked in your shoes. Learn how to sidestep problems, and discover steps that your rescue ministry can take to build capacity into its development structure.

Number: OL12-32

Church Relations: The Source for All Other Resource Raising

Description: Where do you find a large bank CEO, prominent business owners, decision-makers for foundations, and motivators for volunteer teams from Fortune-500 companies? At church, of course! Learn how to bring the message of your rescue mission into those worlds by bringing it to local churches.    

Number: OL12-33

Gifts in Kind: Treasures beyond the Thrift Store 

Description: This presentation will cover the value of GIK for development expense percentage determination and ministry opportunities for a Mission that is not in the thrift store business.

Number: OL12-34

Special Events: A Fund-Raising Strategy, Not Punishment.

Description: Are events an integral part of your development strategy to acquire and cultivate donors? Or do they feel like a punishment your team endures? Events are a fund-raising strategy that will help your mission raise more money, acquire new donors, cultivate major donors, and increase awareness throughout the community.

Number: OL12-35

Going Old School in the Land of New Major Gifts Strategies

Description: Whatever the size and skill of your development team, you’re probably trying to accomplish more and spend less for major donor development. Discuss two case studies and 15 simple ideas you can use to help your development staff focus so they can have a positive impact on giving without spending a fortune.    

Number: OL12-36

The Anatomy of an Integrated Marketing Campaign  

Description: What can you do to raise awareness about your mission, increase revenue, and take the ministry to the next level? Launch a comprehensive strategy with consistent messaging, cohesive voice, and imaging that provides choices for people to give. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and practical steps you can take.  


Number: OL12-37

Case Study: How One Mission Raised Four Million in 14 Months

Description: Take a look at a successful capital campaign from both ends of the spectrum. The Timothy Group’s Patrick McLaughlin, and Durham Rescue Mission’s Dr. Ernie and Gail Mills will share the ministry’s success story in this new economic reality. Pick up practical tips from the campaign that exceeded the mission’s goal.

Number: OL12-38

Six Barriers to Global Fund Raising

Description: Seeing the bigger picture will help you locally. Discuss trends and barriers that nonprofits face around the world, and how they relate to fund raising for local rescue missions. Learn 10 things you can do right now to improve your fund raising. We will discuss direct-mail, online, and social-media strategies.

Number: OL12-39

Making the Right Call: Effective Lapsed Donor Reactivation Strategies Using Telemarketing

Description: No matter how you slice it, reactivating lapsed donors is more cost-effective than acquiring new donors. But how do you reach them? This session will cover effective reactivation using specialized mailings, successfully integrating telemarketing as a solid one-two strategy, the best offers/seasons for reactivation, and reading the results to assure cost-effectiveness.

Number: OL12-40

Donor Acquisition: The Good, the Bad, and the Future 

Description: Twenty-five years ago, rescue mission fund-raising strategies were simple, donors were plentiful, and success came relatively easy. Now competition is fierce, strategies must be complex, and success is never guaranteed. Discuss how new donor acquisition can help your mission remain stable, and how to avoid related pitfalls.

Number: OL12-41

The Power of Donor-Focused Integrated Communication Strategies 

Description: With the Donor-Focused Strategic Marketing™ philosophy as a foundation, this session will help you to more fully engage with your constituents, resulting in a measurably greater level of support. Learn how to best use channels, which include direct mail, newsletters, e-marketing, radio, social media, and major donor strategies.

Number: OL12-42

Never Send a Dull Appeal Again

Description: Increase your direct mail’s effectiveness with this session, which discusses proven direct-mail appeals missions and other nonprofits use to raise millions of dollars. Everyone you’ll see is a winner. Use these ideas to boost your own donor income. We’ll also show you five hot donor acquisition mailers.

Human Capital

Number: OL12-43

Are Your Working Residents Volunteers or Employees—and Why It Matters

Description: Have you ever wondered if working guests/residents at your mission are really employees? If they are employees and are injured, is the ministry potentially liable? This seminar delves into this issue and demonstrates a solution to help you solve the problem before it becomes a major loss.

Number: OL12-44

Resolving Everyday Personnel Conflict in Your Organization

Description: Is there a place for teaching and using biblical principles to resolve conflict in your organization? Why should you consider these principles in your workplace? This workshop will answer these questions, looking at “Resolving Everyday Conflict” as the starting point for changing the culture of how your organization responds to conflict.  

Number: OL12-45

What the World Vision and Hosanna-Tabor Court Cases Mean for Your Mission

Description: Two recent verdicts settled some questions about nonprofits’ rights to hire people of like faith. But they also left the door open to other possibilities that could compromise your staffing desires. Learn what you can do and what to avoid to obey the law and avoid heavy scrutiny going forward.

Number: OL12-46

Fundamentals of an HR audit

Description: Are you new to the HR function at your Mission? Discover the top ten things that you need to have in place when setting up an HR department. Participants will walk away with a checklist that they can use to complete a self-audit of their HR department. 

Number: OL12-47

Hiring from within versus without: Persuading Arguments for Both Perspectives

Description: Employing addiction-recovery clients and program graduates may provide valuable work experience and save staffing costs, but is it the best choice for your mission? Listen to those who have done it both ways discuss internal versus external hiring from the standpoints of public image, efficiency, quality, and more.

Number: OL12-48

Interns to the Rescue: How Qualified Interns Can Save You on Multiple Fronts

Description: While some employers might believe interns mean extra work, more and more missions understand the value that interns can bring to their organizations. Learn how to harness this growing potential workforce, attract local and international interns, design a program, and structure for a win-win experience. 


Number: OL12-49

Certification: Can You Really Excel without It?

Description: As public expectations and government requirements are rapidly increasing, AGRM provides a solution for rescue missions to decrease exposure to potential legal and liability problems. Learn how to better demonstrate your mission’s commitment to excellence in management, stewardship, and accountability while achieving recognition as a standout mission.   

Number: OL12-50

Form 990 and Other Legal Paperwork That Drives Us Crazy

Description: With today’s missions in a heightened regulatory environment, it can be difficult to keep track of multiple new forms and documents. Join ECFA’s president and Washington, D.C., observer for current information about filling out your government forms to the letter of the law. Bring your hardest questions.

Number: OL12-51

Title: Giving Old Buildings New Life

Description: As AGRM approaches the century mark, it’s notable that many of our missions’ buildings are just as old. In this session, you’ll discover remodeling innovations that can inject new energy into your programs and reflect the regeneration you seek to bring to your clients’ lives.

Number: OL12-52

Now Where? When City Council Says It’s Time for You to Move (and You’re Not Ready)

Description: Gentrification is changing many urban neighborhoods and influencing some city governments to push rescue missions out of downtown. Don’t be caught off guard and forced into emergency mode. This seminar will help you stay ahead of the curve and develop a plan to lead your mission to higher ground.

Number: OL12-53

The Questions Nobody Asked: Actual Situations That Ended in Lawsuits  

Description: Rescue missions are no strangers to lawsuits, and society as a whole is becoming more litigious. We’ll discuss several cases that took place during the past two years, examine their outcomes, and describe how they could have been avoided. You’ll take away principles that are critical to protecting your ministry legally.

Number: OL12-54

HIPPA and Your Mission: How, When, and Where You Need to Comply

Description: If you thought that because your mission is a nonprofit your medical care endeavors—even your addiction recovery and counseling—exempted you from the government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), think again. Learn how to comply with information transmittal and confidentiality regulations so you don’t face serious consequences.


Number: OL12-55

Tools, Technology, and Tricks to Optimize Online and Mobile Donations

Description: Are you concerned that you’re missing out on online donors? Is your social media strategy not generating donations? Gain insights from this presenter’s experience with Fortune 500 brands and national charities to help you increase donations, both online and with traditional media.

Number: OL12-56

Apple to the Core

Description: Apple dominates home computing and is taking over in the workplace because of ease of use, absence of viruses, the low cost of maintenance, and other benefits. Switching to a Mac environment is less costly than you may think. Get your questions answered and get direction for a hassle-free migration.

Number: OL12-57

How Cloud Computing Can Simplify IT at Your Mission

Description: There have been massive changes in technology this past year that allow you to share data with other staff via lightweight desktops or mobile apps. If you’re not using the Cloud, your technology world is too complex. Learn how to simplify everything to benefit your mission.

Number: OL12-58

AGRM Data: One For All and All For One 

Description: AGRM cannot go much further on the national credibility front with having verifiable, across-the-board data regarding services provided, recidivism rates in recovery, and so forth. First, we must agree on what collection instruments to use, what to count, how to synthesize data, and how to produce it. Join us for this critical roundtable.

Number: OL12-59

Harnessing Technology to Maximize Ministry Impact

Description: Leveraging technology is vital to maximizing the reach and impact of any organization, but many ministries fail to make the most of the low- and no-cost technology available today. This workshop will help mission leaders harness highly accessible technology to advance key goals---from communications to volunteer recruitment and management.

Number: OL12-60

Technology 101: For the CEO Who Didn’t Outlive It (Like He Had Hoped)   

Description: This session will bring clarity to the often-confusing world of technology. Learn the best way to select emerging technologies, and discuss the business case for the purchase of new technology at your rescue mission. Also, discover why data growth and collection is becoming increasingly important.


Number: OL12-61

Becoming a Published Author to Benefit Your Mission (and Your Career)

Description: How is a children’s book author related to missions and homelessness? Stories are a powerful means of reaching people. Learn how the author began writing, and explore the opportunity to reach out to your community in a new way. Dream about the possibilities with the imagination of a child.     

Number: OL12-62

Going Mobile to Cut through the Clutter and Strengthen Your Mission

Description: As eMarketer predicts, 43 percent of the U.S. mobile-owning population will own a smartphone by 2015. The Bowery Mission has successfully increased site visits, awareness, and income with a mobile website. Learn how to leverage the mobile web to reach current and potential supporters with your message.

Number: OL12-63

It’s Still Not About Me! Communication From a Donor’s Point of View

Description: This is a follow-up to a highly attended session at the last AGRM Conference exploring the power of donor-focused content. There will be a variety of different examples to view and discuss ranging from newsletters and brochures to TV and Radio commercials. This is a powerful concept that when applied properly will help an organization’s public image, develop loyal donors and volunteers and ultimately contribute to a better bottom line.            

Number: OL12-64

Newsworthy: Making and Navigating Television News

Description: Ever wonder why some ministries get press and others just don’t? Learn the dos and don’ts of media relations and story pitching, and how to become a favorite source for reports. We’ll discuss the “Climbing Out of Homelessness” project that received an unbelievable amount of press coverage. 

Number: OL12-65

Volunteers: Your Secret Promo Weapon           

Description: Show people how amazing involvement at a mission can be by letting your passionate volunteers spread the word. Nothing influences a person’s views more than positive suggestions and stories from friends and family via social media and word of mouth. Learn 14 ways to help your most inspired volunteers inspire others to help.

Number: OL12-66

Measuring the Impact of Your Website

Description: Your mission’s online presence is one of its most critical public media tools. What is your website telling donors, prospective staff, guests, and others? In this interactive session, we’ll discuss best practices for creating a great site, measuring its impact, and earning buy-in from management. We’ll also provide real-time site analysis.  


Number: OL12-67

Four New Social Enterprise Ventures for Those Who Think They’ve Seen It all 

Description: Take a look at different options for social enterprise. Explore ideas of unique opportunities that might fit within your ministry, including one mission’s orange groves, cattle, tent rental, greenhouses and sod sales. Also, hear about the enterprises that didn’t work out so well, and why they might work for you. Dialogue with others for ideas they have experimented with.

Number: OL12-68

Strategic Partnerships in the World of Social Enterprise

Description: You don’t have to do it by yourself. Partnerships can build your brand and cultivate donors. In this seminar, we’ll discuss best practices and lessons learned by social enterprises that have collaborated with partners. Join us to consider what’s right for you when you design strategies for growth.

Number: OL12-69

Outsourcing Your Thrift Store for Fewer Headaches and More Profits    

Description: When one CEO discovered that his thrift-store operation was losing money, he had to choose between closing it or outsourcing. He chose the latter and discovered a goldmine. Learn how consultants can support retail growth and turn your store into a revenue-producing venture (with fewer personnel headaches), regardless of business structure.

Number: OL12-70

Top Chef: Culinary Arts from the Perspective of Three Missions That Are All In  

Description: Professional food-service training has proven to be one of the best social enterprise ventures. Some missions are really turning heads in their communities. Renowned chefs from three missions will share how their programs work and discuss the practical skills for job readiness and re-assimilation that guests gain through culinary arts programs.

Number: OL12-71

A Lawyer’s View on Branching Out

Description: You asked for it! Last year’s attendees said they learned a lot about legal issues and social enterprise—but they wanted to hear more. Discover how you can decide which legal strategies are right for your ministry. Learn about the legal issues you may face when starting or expanding a social enterprise. 

Number: OL12-72

Clean Teams: Community Partnerships That Are a Win-Win-Win

Description: One rescue mission is doing profitable community service that is beautifying its surroundings. The crew learns discipline and workplace ethics, plus life skills and values. And this social enterprise benefits the mission and the community, too. Come with your questions about how to start such a team or a variation thereof.


Number: OL12-73

Saving Your Staff and Self from Burnout

Description: In the stressful day-to-day of ministry, we are at risk for burnout. Review with us the dynamics of burnout and discover how to assess staff members’ level of vulnerability. Get suggestions for building in organizational practices that work against burnout, plus learn about practical support for individuals prone toward it.

Number: OL12-74

It’s Not Too Late: Sensible Graduate Programs for Busy Staff

Description: If you want an education that supports who you are today and what you’re passionate about now, you’re not alone. Join other learners to get ideas and specific direction about graduate programs that can help you reach your goals without turning your life upside down.

Number: OL12-75

IRS Changes That Will Affect Your 403b—and What to Do about Them

Description: The retirement program landscape has changed once again, presenting you (and your employer) with new decisions, opportunities, and responsibilities. Get an overview of what’s been happening during the last 18 months, and gain direction as you navigate the new IRS rules and better position yourself for the future.

Number: OL12-76

Staying Healthy to Minister Well

Description: Too often caregivers neglect their own health and wellness, which hinders their effectiveness in ministry. This session is a valuable reminder of your the importance of establishing a healthy way of life. You’ll get advice about nutrition, diet, exercise, and wellness that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Number: OL12-77

What I Would Do Differently: Four Retired CEOs Talk about Their Departures 

Description: This discussion is designed for veterans who want to finish well, and for younger leaders who need to set principles in place for long-term effective ministry.

Number: OL12-78

The Gen-Y Guide to a Career in Social Justice

Description: Whether you’re new to the mission world or interested in gaining career insights, join this panel of key leaders to learn about issues such as work-life balance and career development. This session will prove valuable as you launch your career and deepen your understanding of rescue ministry and social justice.

Christian Addiction and Rehabilitation Association (CARA)

The Roots of Shame and Guilt

Description: Why do rescue mission leaders and guests struggle with shame and guilt? This session will explore the roots of shame and guilt, the relationship between the two, the issues of true and false guilt, the fear of man, and the fear of God.     

The Fruit of Shame and Guilt

Description: Living in the grip of shame and guilt is similar to living in bondage, afraid of being discovered and fearful that others will see our nakedness. Mission guests often live in this kind of bondage. Recognizing the fruit of shame and guilt will help us point guests to Christ.   

God's Cure: Justification

Description: Jesus’ death on the cross and His gracious work of justification is God’s total cure for shame and guilt. This session will unpack the biblical truth of justification, explore its practical benefits of freeing us from guilt and shame, and explain how we can embrace its reality in faith.   

The Healing Touch of Jesus

Description: Jesus is absolutely holy, and we are sinners by birth and practice. And yet Jesus lived among us with grace and mercy. We will look at several incidents in the Gospels in which Jesus graciously receives broken people and removes their guilt and shame.    

Moving out of Guilt

Description:  Examine real-life case studies that demonstrate how we can help our guests experience freedom from guilt, including a clear conscience, the joy of being clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ, and the power and motivation to live in victory over sin.    

Moving out of Shame

Description:  Though the lies of our flesh, the world, and Satan would try to convince us otherwise, God sees our shame and promises to cover our spiritual nakedness if we wait on Him. Learn to walk with people out of their shame and into the glorious righteousness of Christ.    

The Association of Christian Thrift Stores (ACTS)

Next-Level Management

Description: Savvy management is key to success at your rescue mission thrift store. But what makes a good manager? How about a great one? In this session, we’ll discuss several qualities of next-level managers who will lead your thrift store with excellence.    

Increasing Profits: Thrift Principles and International Wholesale

Description:  Understanding the thrift industry’s specific, unique principles that set it apart from typical retail will help you increase the profitability of your store. You can also increase profitability by understanding the international wholesale aspect of our industry. Learning how to maximize your salvage can actually double your net profit.    

Thrift Store Basics

Description: As a mission leader, you know it’s important to teach thrift-store basics—but who really knows what they are? After participating in this no-holds-barred session, you’ll have a clearer understanding of these basics, and how they can help you make your business explode.    

Success through Merchandising

Description: Production is the key to your rescue mission’s thrift store success. Join us for this session to learn how to generate additional sales as production flows from the back of the store onto the sales floor and through your register.    

Production 101

Description: Production is the engine that drives your rescue mission’s thrift-store sales. Are you where you need to be? Is your system maximizing your efforts? This doesn’t have to be hard. Come to this valuable session to gain numerous proven techniques.    

Maximizing Thrift

Description: Whether the economy is up, down, or somewhere in between, don’t let it dictate your store’s performance. We’ll help you take your thrift store to the next level. Join us to learn some simple tricks of the trade that will greatly enhance what’s happening at your cash registers.