Be Our Guest! We are excited to host the 2011 AGRM Midwest Conference. We trust that this will be a refreshing time of shared experiences, learning new approaches to service and taking a closer look at what Jesus taught about the ministry of prayer. Click here to download the registration form. Please contact Hannah Dockweiler at for more information or call (269) 553-0672 ext. 11. – The Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Team


This year’s conference will be held at Gull Lake Ministries in Hickory Corners, MI. Gull Lake is a fabulous setting for retreats whether you are looking for lots of activities and adventure or are just looking to relax and unwind.

Gull Lake Ministries

1988 Midlake Drive
Hickory Corners, MI 49060
(269) 671-5155


Tuesday, October 4
3:00    Check-in and Registration – Ministry Center
5:00    District Meeting – Michael Brown
6:00    Opening Banquet – Fellowship Center
7:30    Main Session 1 – Tabernacle
9:00    Free Time / Activities

Wednesday, October 5
8:00    Breakfast – Fellowship Center
9:15    Main Session 2 – Tabernacle
10:45  Roundtable Dialogues & Networking*
12:00  Lunch Banquet – Fellowship Center
1:10    Breakout Session 1 (see options)
2:10    Breakout Session 2 (see options)
3:30    Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Tour
6:00    Evening Banquet
7:30    Free Time / Activities – Ice Cream Social

Thursday, October 6
8:00   Breakfast – Fellowship Center
9:10   Breakout Session 3 (see options)
10:30 Main Session 3 – Tabernacle
12:00 Box Lunch & Departure

Breakout Sessions

Track One: Leadership Fundamentals

Breakout 1: Servant Leadership - Chico Daniels, Mel Trotter Ministires

Our modern bibles have translated the Greek word ‘doulos’ into the word ‘servant’. This isn’t strong enough to convey the true meaning of what Christ meant in Matthew 20:27 when he told the disciples that “whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” He really used the word slave to convey the sense that we have one purpose on earth as Christian leaders, to please our Master by serving Him and others. As slaves to Christ, we have lost all rights to our independence. We are to live a life of subservience to Christ and others. As leaders of our respective ministries, God has called us to lead by example. We will explore what it means to be effective in our leadership roles as we regain our emphasis on Servant leadership.

Breakout 2: Dusting Off Strategic Planning - Brent Hafele, NewDay Nonprofit Solutions

When done well, a strategic plan is a dynamic process that adapts to an ever-changing environment. As such, it will not be a document that collects dust on a shelf. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:
  • Identify the basic steps of a strategic plan and methods for keeping the plan relevant and impactful
  • Explain the importance of strategic planning to their staff and board members
  • Understand the benefits of and how to contract with an outside facilitator (volunteer or paid)
  • Leave with resources (including a plan to plan!) for implementing a strategic plan at their Mission

Breakout 3: Mission Centered Board Leadership – Dr. Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher Associate

The session examines an outline for Dr. Fisher’s “Model of Board Leadership” that includes, governance, giving, ambassadorship and consulting.

  • Governance- Focuses on being fully prepared; attending and participating in Board Meetings.
  • Giving- Explains the importance of the board members financial support in helping lead the organization.
  • Ambassadorship- Explores the board members desire and ability to introduce others to the work or the agency.
  • Consulting- Brings into focus the member’s expertise and the organization’s ability to utilize specific strength while keeping focused on mission.
After completing the session, each participant will have a clearer understanding on how to recruit, organize and build their mission (critical for fund-raising) at the board level.

Track Two: Essentials of Communication

Breakout 1: Communicating Your Mission to Supporters - Ron Davis, Milwaukee Direct

You caught your passion for ministry from someone. Their words, actions and lifestyle changed the course of your life. How can you now pass on the passion to others? What do you say? How do you say it? When do you say it, and how often? Come looking for ideas and methods.

Breakout 2: Acquiring & Cultivating donors digitally – Brian Tucker, Russ Reid

Want to build a robust & profitable digital marketing strategy? Learn how you can:
  • Integrate your programs and grow your digital audience
  • Promote your organization by using the proper tools
  • Develop an ongoing strategy that is profitable and easy to maintain
  • Set goals to measure success

Breakout 3: Public Relations in the Social Media Age - Stephen Ruppe, Russ Reid

The new buzzword is “social media.” Everyone must be posting on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. That’s where the young audience is. Social Media is part of the PR outreach to a Mission’s community. But should you abandon the newspapers, radio stations and TV opportunities still out there? Learn how to integrate social media into your Public Relations in easy to understand steps.

Track Three: Building a Stronger Program

Breakout 1: Programming for Transformational Change - Steve Zerbe, Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

Our vision at Kalamazoo Gospel Mission is to transform lives through the power of Jesus Christ. This takes intentional planning and programming. This session will lay a foundation for such programming and give practical examples of its effectiveness. Come prepared to challenge each other with ideas, comments and questions on how to impact lives through Jesus Christ that will give Him glory on the journey!

Breakout 2: De-escalation Techniques – Rick Phelps, Beechpoint

Learn effective ways to identify and de-escalate an agitated client during a crisis situation. More information on this important seminar to come.

Breakout 3: Shame in Addiction Counseling - Janelle James, Kalamazoo Gospel Mission

While much focus is given to guilt in the lives of substance abusing people, shame is given less attention. This session will focus on the role that shame (too little or too much) plays in our clients. Specific methods will be given to help clients understand the effects shame has in their lives and how to manage this troublesome emotion toward addiction-free living.

Track Four: Mission Essentials

Breakout 1: Five Dangerous Trends Facing Your Mission – Todd Baker, Grizzard

What is holding your Mission back from growing? How can you avoid the pitfalls that many ministries are experiencing in America today? Where is your Mission at in relation to where it wants and needs to be? How are donors changing in today’s economic and social-nomic environment? How can you stay ahead of these dangerous trends while simultaneously growing your ministry beyond your dreams?

Breakout 2: Social Networking: So What’s the Big Deal? – Mark Loux, Douglas Shaw & Associates

Wonder what the big deal is with Social Media today? The goal of this seminar is to share with attendees why Social Media should be part of your ongoing mission strategies. They can begin developing, improving, and implementing social networking strategies that will help to engage more constituents into the work of the mission. This includes building awareness, casting vision, strengthening relationships, recruiting volunteers and raising funds. Whether your organization is big or small, this seminar will provide easy, actionable, and specific ways for starting an effective social networking program.

Topics to be explored:
  • Definitions of social media, networking, etc.
  • How to set up your Facebook, Twitter and other networking tools
  • How to develop a common understanding of the various social network tactics
  • Discussing the value of social networking to an organization
  • Setting expectations and staffing requirements
  • Multi-channel marketing examples
  • Determining how much to invest for a "return on the investment"
  • Integrating social media strategies into the overall marketing and communications program

Breakout 3: The Ministry of Prayer – Vanguard Pastoral Team, Vanguard

Vanguard is an inner city ministry in Kalamazoo, Michigan focused on Biblical restoration and change. A hallmark of the ministry is a commitment to 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray without ceasing”. Come here how the prayer ministry of Vanguard has impacted the lives of local residents and is transforming a community through the hope found in Jesus Christ.


Early Bird (by August 12): $210 Regular (after August 12): $225 Registration price includes lodging, meals and conference attendance per person. As Gull Lake is designed around families, the lodging rate is based on double/multiple occupancy. Should you need single occupancy accommodations or are registering as a couple, please indicate your preference on this form.

To register for the district conference please download the registration form and fax it into (269) 553-­0675. Email completed forms to or mail forms to:

Kalamazoo  Gospel  Mission 
Attn:  Hannah  Dockweiler  
448  North  Burdick  Street 
Kalamazoo,  MI  49007

Click here to download the above district conference information. Contact Hannah Dockweiler at for more information or call (269) 553-0672 ext. 11